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In many parts of the world, especially in the developing countries, traffic safety either has become a mere footnote to the goal of achieving growth and transportation efficiency or a mere collateral in the rapid rise of motorization, insufficient policy frameworks, over population, and urbanization.

ALMEC Corporation has been an advocate of traffic safety as an adjunct of urban development and crucial nexus to the overall livability index of a local, city or region.

In its traffic safety studies, ALMEC Corporation has espoused the philosophy of harmonizing “new transportation” paradigms, with the principles of “safe mobility” of goods and people, infrastructure integrity, policy efficiency and urban livability. These precepts have guided its comprehensive transport management and traffic safety plans and ITS.

Keywords: 3E (Engineering, Enforcement, Education) / Traffic Safety Culture / Traffic Accident Analysis / Traffic Safety Audit System / Participatory and Experience-oriented Traffic Safety Education and Campaign / ETC (Electric Toll Charge) / Smart Card / Variable Message Board

Key project experiences

    National Road Traffic Safety Master Plan / Vietnam / JICA

    The National Road Traffic Safety Master Plan for Vietnam is the first comprehensive study that seeks to mitigate one of the poorest traffic safety records in the developing world. Vietnam has one of the worst transport-related fatality rates especially on motorcycle related accidents. The problem was compounded by Vietnam’s fast-clip economic growth in the last decade which resulted in the rapid rise of motorization and urbanization, poor safety awareness and insufficient policy and regulatory frameworks. To create a new traffic safety regimen for the entire country, ALMEC Corporation espoused the basic precepts of the 4E’s in its strategy namely: Engineering for infrastructure improvement, Enforcement, Education for traffic safety, and Emergency medical care. The comprehensive traffic safety strategy also promoted traffic safety measures throughout the country, using traffic safety posters and leaflets for local government officers were prepared, distributed.

    [project image]

    ∎ Poster for Traffic Safety Master Plan

    Traffic Safety Human Resource Development in Hanoi (TRAHUD) / Vietnam / JICA

    A capacity development project on traffic safety for Hanoi City, the Traffic Safety Human Resource Development for Hanoi aimed to impart capacity improvement for the traffic personnel of Hanoi, whose motorcycle-riding population is one of the largest in the world. ALMEC Corporation conducted various pilot projects on traffic safety improvement in the city. This included the drawing up of extensive traffic safety measures at selected intersections and lane separation by type of vehicles. Enforcement against speeding and traffic safety campaign were also conducted. A training course on capacity development for administrative officers was established based on the result of the pilot projects. A post project assessment had shown a decrease in traffic fatalities in Hanoi City.

    [project image]

    ∎ Training for Traffic Police (top); Pilot Project (bottom)

Related project experiences

  1. Project to Strengthen Traffic Police Training in the People’s Police Academy and Various Police Training Institutions in Vietnam (Vietnam, 2010-2012)
  2. Study on Promotion of Japanese ITS Technology in Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia (Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, 2009-2010)
  3. Special Assistance for Project Formation for Traffic Safety Improvement Project in the Socialist Republic of Vietnam (Vietnam, 2006)
  4. Stakeholder Traffic Safety Program on Inter-urban National Road in the Socialist Republic of Vietnam (Vietnam, 2005)
  5. Traffic Safety Baseline Study (Traffic Safety Management & Facilities) (Vietnam, 2004-2005)

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