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By tradition, large cities have always been riven by the dichotomy of clangor and chaos on one hand, and the quietness and efficiency of a working transport grid, especially one that do justice to the transportation needs of their robust populations and bustling commerce.

ALMEC Corporation’s trailblazing work on transport planning for some of Asia’s largest metropolises always had a distinctive mark of specificity and uniqueness. It involved plans that were tailored to fit the specific needs and conditions of a particular city and the visions of its proponents. ALMEC Corporation takes the traditional elements of transportation planning, such as transport infrastructure development, traffic demand management, operation and maintenance, financing, etc., and molds them into a variable but holistic whole, such as its seamless integration of urban and transport plans.

Keywords: Transit Oriented Development (TOD) / Inter-modal Accessibility / Park & Ride / Transport Demand Management (TDM) / Compact City / Household Interview Survey (comprising Person Trip Survey and Social Survey) / Mobility Analysis / Private Development Initiative / Present and Future OD Matrix

Key project experiences

    Urban Transport Master Plan and Feasibility Study for the Ho Chi Minh Metropolitan Area (HOUTRANS) / Vietnam / JICA

    ALMEC Corporation designed JICA’s Urban Transport Master Plan for Ho Chi Minh City to correct the persisting transport problems in the country’s largest city and financial capital. The study laid down a comprehensive urban transport master plan for 2020 and short-term 2005 action plan. The study’s hallmark was the effective integration of urban planning and transport development, and the symbiosis between future urban transport network and future urban structure and land uses. To promote technology transfer to counterpart members, ALMEC Corporation conducted a battery of workshops and trainings during the course of the study. HOUTRANS also resulted in the implementation of the city’s Railway Line 1 project as a yen-loan project.

    [project image]

    ∎ Future Land Use Concept and Transport Network

    Integrated Urban Transportation Master Plan for Istanbul / Turkey / JICA

    A JICA assisted project, ALMEC Corporation designed the Integrated Urban Transportation Master Plan for Istanbul as a template of the city’s resolve to address the persistent traffic gridlocks in Istanbul, one of the largest cities in Europe with more than 12 million people and also one of its most historic. Using a cross-referential, holistic, and multi-plan approach, ALMEC Corporation formulated the master plan with a view of enhancing growth and tourism through the protection of the city’s natural environment and historical sites.

    [project image]

    ∎ The Bosporus Bridge (top); Land Use Master Plan (bottom)

Related project experiences

  1. Project for Improving Public Transportation in Hanoi (Vietnam, 2011, on-going)
  2. The Project on Traffic Demand Management of Historical Area in Istanbul (iSTDM) (Turkey, 2011, on-going)
  3. The Project for Capacity Development on Transportation Planning and Database Management (MUCEP) (Philippines, 2011, on-going)
  4. The JABODETABEK Public Transport Policy Implementation Strategy in the Republic of Indonesia (JAPTraPIS) (Indonesia, 2011-2012)
  5. Research on Practical Approaches on Urban Transport Planning (world, 2011)
  6. Lahore Urban Transport Master Plan (Pakistan, 2010-2012)
  7. Implementation of Asian City Transport – Promoting Sustainable Urban Transport in Asia Project (Davao Sustainable Urban Transport) (Philippines, 2010-2011)
  8. Feasibility Study for Improvement of Public Transport in Da Nang City 2008-2015 (Vietnam, 2008-2009)
  9. Urban Transport in Vietnam’s Medium-sized Cities (Vietnam, 2005-2006)
  10. Meeting Infrastructure Needs Study: Philippine Transport Sector Review (Philippines, 2004)
  11. The Study on Integrated Transportation Master Plan for JABODETABEK Phase II (Indonesia, 2002-2004)

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