International/Regional Transportation Planning


  ▪ Regional Transportation Development Strategy
  ▪ Comprehensive Development Planning/Strategy on National Transportation System Development
  ▪ Cross-border Transportation Planning

The primacy of effecting an efficient transfer of people and goods is an integral part of local and regional growth and development.

ALMEC Corporation has an extensive portfolio of regional transportation projects in some of the most strategic growth areas in Asia, putting in some of the most cogent and extensive outputs on socio-economy analyses, traffic demand, industry, environment, trade and logistics, financing and the other aggregates of transport planning at both the local, regional as well as international levels.

Keywords: Inter-city, International, Cross-border Transport / National Land Structure / International Competitiveness / Spillover Effect on Regional Economy / Environmental and Social Assessment / Corridor Analysis / Project Priority Analysis / Donor Coordination

Key project experiences

    Comprehensive Study on the Sustainable Development of the Transport System in Vietnam (VITRANSS 2) / Vietnam / JICA

    A JICA project, the Study on the Sustainable Development of the Transport System in Vietnam, or VITRANSS 2 is a comprehensive transport development plan for Vietnam. One of the study’s major objectives was to address the traditional and persistent transportation gaps that fuel growth imbalances in key regions in the entire country. For the final output of creating a sustainable and extensive transportation development strategy, ALMEC Corporation developed a comprehensive traffic and transport database taken from a series of wide ranging surveys. The study covered all transport subsectors, such as roads, railways, aviation, inland waterways, coastal shipping, logistics and megaprojects such as expressways and high speed railways. The formulated strategy is considered as one of the inputs to the transportation policies in Vietnam.

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    ∎ National Land Structure

    Regional Framework on Transport and Communications in the ASEAN Region in the 21st Century / ASEAN member countries / ASEAN Secretariat

    A member of the secretariat, ALMEC Corporation assisted in the pursuit of the principles of the Regional Framework on Transport and Communications in the ASEAN Region in the 21st Century, whose main goal was to prepare a regional framework on transport and communication in cooperation with national counterparts of the 10 ASEAN member countries. The proposed framework was reviewed and examined in a series of workshops were held in each of the 10-member countries, which were then followed by a plenary workshop. At the end of the study, a long-term framework for ASEAN cooperation was established with the objective of making ASEAN a world growth core in the 21st century. Almec Corporation also contributed to the creation of a list of flagship projects that would promote regional integration and development.

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    ∎ ASEAN Regional Air Transportation Network Plan

Related project experiences

  1. Study for the Formulation of High Speed Railway Projects in the Hanoi–Vinh and Ho Chi Minh–Nha Trang Sections (Vietnam, 2012, on-going)
  2. Vietnam Transport Sector Study (Vietnam, 2010-2011)
  3. The Comprehensive Study on The Master Plan For Nationwide Transport System in the Arab Republic of Egypt (Egypt, 2010, on-going)
  4. Northern Region Comprehensive Transport Strategy Study (Vietnam, 2006-2007)
  5. The Research on the Cross-border Transportation Infrastructure: Phase II (Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, People’s Republic of China, 2006-2007)
  6. Pakistan Transport Plan Study (Pakistan, 2005-2006)
  7. Subregional Transport Cooperation Initiative (Indonesia, 2004-2005)
  8. Sector Study for Transport Sector in Vietnam (Vietnam, 2002-2003)

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