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The 21st century might be the era of the modern city but nowhere in the evolution of modern urban life has the ills of urbanization borne more heavily on the residents of today’s cities, especially in the developing countries. A city’s burden lies not only in being an economic driver but also in being a simulacrum of other cities, all competing for the same goods, services, attention, and pride of place.

The shifting global climate has also nudged old paradigms of cityhood, such as the growing adherents for compact cities, disaster resilient cities, and those that leave lesser carbon footprints.

A pioneer in urban development planning, ALMEC Corporation continues to espouse the visionary in urban development planning, especially through the hallmarks of inclusivity, soundness of plans, and comprehensiveness of its development strategies.

Keywords: Compact City / Low-carbon City / City Development Strategy / Program Approach / Urban Development Mechanism / Household Interview Survey / Urban Karte / GIS-based-analysis on Development Potential / Strategic Environmental Assessment / Public Exhibition

Key project experiences

    Comprehensive Urban Development Program for Hanoi (HAIDEP) / Vietnam / JICA

    A JICA project, the Comprehensive Urban Development Program for Hanoi, or HAIDEP is a comprehensive vision of the growth of Hanoi, Vietnam’s cultural center and seat of government. The study epitomized Vietnam’s rise as a new developing country covering all key development areas such as socio-economic, environment, transportation, water, housing, etc. A definitive template of Hanoi’s future growth, HAIDEP was based on extensive development strategies that emphasized participatory activities like enlisting the help of a large number of stakeholders, utilizing a household interview survey for 20,000 households, the conduct of a smattering of workshops, seminars and public exhibitions.

    HAIDEP also included the landmark revision of urban planning laws in Vietnam and harmonized all the transport urban railway development in Hanoi City.

    [project image]

    ∎ Proposed General Plan (left); Motorcycle flow in Hanoi (right)

    International Conference on Ecological Cities as Economic Cities, Eco2 Cities / Japan / World Bank

    A World Bank initiative, the Ecological Cities as Economic Cities, or Eco2 Cities, is an urban development program that seeks to strike a balance between the quest for economic growth and ecological integrity. With ALMEC Corporation acting as program secretariat, the World Bank and JICA co-organized an international conference on Eco2 in Yokohama Minato Mirai to lay down the principles of the Eco2 initiatives. ALMEC conducted case studies on sustainable urban development in Japan and presented it in the conference.

    [project image]

    ∎ Conference view

Related project experiences

  1. Project for Tirana Thematic Urban Planning [VPI] (Albania, 2011, on-going)
  2. Project on Capacity Development in the Urban Development Sector of Mongolia (MUGCUP) (Mongolia, 2010, on-going)
  3. The Study on Formulation of Spatial Planning for GERBANGKERTOSUSILA (GKS) Zone in East Java Province [VPI] (Indonesia, 2010)
  4. Urban Planning Formulation and Management Capacity Development Project in the Socialist Republic of Vietnam (Vietnam, 2009-2012)
  5. The Project on Integrated UMRT and Urban Development for Hanoi (Vietnam, 2009-2010)
  6. The Study on Integrated Development Strategy for Da Nang City and Its Neighboring Area in the Socialist Republic of Vietnam (Dacriss) (Vietnam, 2008-2010)
  7. The Study on City Master Plan and Urban Development Program of Ulaanbaatar City (UBMPS) (Mongolia, 2007-2009)
  8. An Assessment of Housing for Low Income Groups in Da Nang (Vietnam, 2006-2007)
  9. Integrated Urban and UMRT Line 1 Development Strategy in Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam, 2006)
  10. Review of CDS Phase 2 (Philippines, 2003)
  11. Urban Sector Review (Indonesia, 2002)

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