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The concept of regional development has evolved in the context of globalization. Regions now face emergent issues that ensure local socio-economic wellbeing even as they strive for growth through international trade and connectedness.

A firm practitioner of both horizontal and vertical coordination in its studies, ALMEC Corporation has espoused socio-economic dynamism beyond traditional administrative boundaries of cities, provinces, or countries and has promoted horizontal/vertical coordination.

In regional development planning ALMEC Corporation has been a paragon of sound and strategic utilization of a region’s economic, cultural, and institutional strengths molded through a well-defined and comprehensive strategy and vision of growth.

Keywords: International Competitiveness / Environmental Sustainability with Economic Development / Region-specific Industrial Policy / Poverty Reduction / Minority Consideration / Stakeholder Workshop / Community Involvement / Analysis on Development Potential / Urban Atlas / Capacity Development

Key project experiences

    Socio-economic Development Master Plan for Long An Province up to 2020 and Vision Toward 2030 (LAPIDES) / Vietnam / Long An People’s Committee

    A JICA project, ALMEC Corporation designed Long An’s socio-economic development plan (SEDP) with the goal of turning the province into a sustainable development model among Vietnam’s various provinces.

    The master plan has been deliberated in the Party Committee of Long An Province and has been submitted to the Central Government along with its strategic environmental assessment report and is just awaiting final approval by the Prime Minister for official implementation.

    [project image]

    ∎ SEDP Concept Plan

    Study of Artisan Craft Development for Rural Industrialization / Vietnam / JICA

    The Study of Artisan Craft Development for Rural Industrialization in Vietnam was developed with the philosophy that growth should be two-pronged impacting both the urban and rural areas. ALMEC Corporation designed the study to help the resurgence of the various traditional artisan crafts in rural Vietnam with emphasis on their roles as vital income sources and employment opportunities for the rural areas and improving the competitiveness of local products.

    ALMEC incorporated vital development strategies in the study such as regional development, production management, designing and marketing, a bias toward the protection of vulnerable ethnic minorities, community development in craft villages, etc. The study implemented various pilot projects nationwide which first tackled socio-cultural and economic issues. The synthesis of these issues where incorporated into the development of the master plan.

    [project image]

    ∎ Production site of various craft

Related project experiences

  1. La Encuesta de Recolecciòn de Datos Sobre el Sector de la Agricultura en la Repùblica de Honduras [VPI] (Honduras, 2012, on-going)
  2. Development Strategies for Dak Lak Province and Buon Ma Thuot City (A study integrated with the “Vietnam Transport Sector Study”) (Vietnam, 2010-2011)
  3. The Study for Roadside Station Master Plan in the Socialist Republic of Vietnam (Vietnam, 2007-2009)
  4. Promoting Silk Income for the Rural Poor in the Central Highlands (JFPR9033-VIE) (Vietnam, 2005-2007)
  5. Yogyakarta Regional Development Project (YRDP) (Indonesia, 2004-2006)

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