Projects by Expertise

Sector Project Country Period Client
A Development Strategies for Dak Lak Province and Buon Ma Thuot City (A study integrated with the “Vietnam Transport Sector Study”) Vietnam 2010-2011 JICA
A Study on the Socio-economic Development Master Plan of Long An Province up to 2020 and Vision Toward 2030 Vietnam 2009-2011 Long An People's Committee
A The Study for Roadside Station Master Plan in the Socialist Republic of Vietnam Vietnam 2007-2009 JICA
A Promoting Silk Income for the Rural Poor in the Central Highlands (JFPR9033-VIE) Vietnam 2005-2007 ADB
A Yogyakarta Regional Development Project (YRDP) Indonesia 2004-2006 WB
A The Study of Artisan Craft Development for Rural Industrialization in the Socialist Republic of Vietnam Vietnam 2002-2004 JICA
A La Encuesta de Recolecciòn de Datos Sobre el Sector de la Agricultura en la Repùblica de Honduras [VPI] Honduras 2012 (on-going) JICA
B Project on Capacity Development in the Urban Development Sector of Mongolia (MUGCUP) Mongolia 2010 (on-going) JICA
B Urban Planning Formulation and Management Capacity Development Project in the Socialist Republic of Vietnam Vietnam 2009-2012 JICA
B The Project on Integrated UMRT and Urban Development for Hanoi Vietnam 2009-2010 JICA
B Study of Japanese Experiences on Sustainable Urban Development with Strategies on Pollution Control and Management, Resource/Energy Efficiency and GHG Reduction Japan 2010 WB
B The Study on Integrated Development Strategy for Da Nang City and Its Neighboring Area in the Socialist Republic of Vietnam (Dacriss) Vietnam 2008-2010 JICA
B The Study on City Master Plan and Urban Development Program of Ulaanbaatar City (UBMPS) Mongolia 2007-2009 JICA
B An Assessment of Housing for Low Income Groups in Da Nang Vietnam 2006-2007 JICA
B The Comprehensive Urban Development Programme in Hanoi Capital City (HAIDEP) Vietnam 2004-2007 JICA
B Integrated Urban and UMRT Line 1 Development Strategy in Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam 2006 JBIC
B Review of CDS Phase 2 Philippines 2003 WB
B Urban Sector Review Indonesia 2002 WB
B Project for Tirana Thematic Urban Planning [VPI] Albania 2011 (on-going) JICA
B The Study on Formulation of Spatial Planning for GERBANGKERTOSUSILA (GKS) Zone in East Java Province [VPI] Indonesia 2010 JICA
C Study for the Formulation of High Speed Railway Projects in the Hanoi–Vinh and Ho Chi Minh–Nha Trang Sections Vietnam 2012 (on-going) JICA
C Vietnam Transport Sector Study Vietnam 2010-2011 JICA
C The Comprehensive Study on The Master Plan For Nationwide Transport System in the Arab Republic of Egypt Egypt 2010 (on-going) JICA
C The Comprehensive Study on the Sustainable Development of Transport System in Vietnam (VITRANSS 2) Vietnam 2008-2010 JICA
C Northern Region Comprehensive Transport Strategy Study Vietnam 2006-2007 WB
C The Research on the Cross-border Transportation Infrastructure: Phase II Cambodia, Lao PDR,
Myanmar, Thailand,
Vietnam, People’s Republic of China
2006-2007 JICA
C Pakistan Transport Plan Study Pakistan 2005-2006 JICA
C Subregional Transport Cooperation Initiative Indonesia 2004-2005 ADB
C Sector Study for Transport Sector in Vietnam Vietnam 2002-2003 JBIC
C The Regional Framework of Transport and Communications in the ASEAN Region in the 21st Century ASEAN member countries 1998-1999 ASEAN Secretariat
D Project for Improving Public Transportation in Hanoi Vietnam 2011 (on-going) JICA
D The Project on Traffic Demand Management of Historical Area in Istanbul (iSTDM) Turkey 2011 (on-going) JICA
D The Project for Capacity Development on Transportation Planning and Database Management (MUCEP) Philippines 2011 (on-going) JICA
D Lahore Urban Transport Master Plan Pakistan 2010-2012 JICA
D The JABODETABEK Public Transport Policy Implementation Strategy in the Republic of Indonesia (JAPTraPIS) Indonesia 2011-2012 JICA
D Research on Practical Approaches on Urban Transport Planning world 2011 JICA
D Implementation of Asian City Transport – Promoting Sustainable Urban Transport in Asia Project (Davao Sustainable Urban Transport) Philippines 2010-2011 ADB
D The Study on Integrated Urban Transportation Master Plan for Istanbul Metropolitan Area Turkey 2007-2009 JICA
D Feasibility Study for Improvement of Public Transport in Da Nang City 2008-2015 Vietnam 2008-2009 KfW Entwicklungsbank
D Urban Transport in Vietnam’s Medium-sized Cities Vietnam 2005-2006 WB
D The Study on the Urban Transport Master Plan and Feasibility Study in HCM Metropolitan Area (HOUTRANS) Vietnam 2002-2004 JICA
D The Study on Integrated Transportation Master Plan for JABODETABEK Phase II Indonesia 2002-2004 JICA
D Meeting Infrastructure Needs Study: Philippine Transport Sector Review Philippines 2004 WB
E Ulaanbaatar City Urban Transport Project in Mongolia (UTPUB) Mongolia 2011 (on-going) JICA
E Hanoi City Urban Railway Construction Project Vietnam 2011 (on-going) Hanoi City People’s Committee
E The Ho Chi Minh City Outer Ring Roads Technical Assistance Loan Project Vietnam 2011-2012 JICA
E Survey and Feasibility Study for the Dau Giay–Phan Thiet Expressway Project Vietnam 2009-2010 private sector
E Urban Transport Development Project Mongolia 2009 ADB
E Special Assistance for Project Implementation for Hyderabad ORR Project Phase I India 2008-2009 JICA
E The Feasibility Study and Implementation Support on the CALA East-West National Road Project Philippines 2005-2006 JICA
E Feasibility Study and Implementation Program for Ho Chi Minh City UMRT Line 1 (east section) Vietnam 2005 Ministry of Economy, Trade & Industry, Japan
E The Development of the Public-Private Partnership Technique for the Metro Manila Urban Expressway Network Philippines 2002-2003 JICA
E The Feasibility Study of the Proposed Cavite Busway System Philippines 2001-2002 JICA
G Project to Strengthen Traffic Police Training in the People’s Police Academy and Various Police Training Institutions in Vietnam Vietnam 2010-2012 JICA
G The Project for Traffic Safety Human Resource Development in Hanoi Vietnam 2006-2009 JICA
G National Road Traffic Safety Master Plan in the Socialist Republic of Vietnam Vietnam 2007-2009 JICA
G Special Assistance for Project Formation for Traffic Safety Improvement Project in the Socialist Republic of Vietnam Vietnam 2006 JICA
G Stakeholder Traffic Safety Program on Inter-urban National Road in the Socialist Republic of Vietnam Vietnam 2005 JBIC
G Traffic Safety Baseline Study (Traffic Safety Management & Facilities) Vietnam 2004-2005 JICA
F Master Plan and Feasibility Study on the Establishment of an ASEAN Roll-on/Roll-off (RO-RO) Shipping Network and Short Sea Shipping 10 ASEAN member countries 2012 (on-going) JICA
F Preparatory Survey for Domestic Shipping and Sea Transportation Improvement Project in the Republic of Indonesia Indonesia 2011-2012 JICA
F ASEAN Logistics Development Study 10 ASEAN member countries 2007 ASEAN Secretariat
F The Study for Development of the Greater Surabaya Metropolitan Ports in the Republic of Indonesia Indonesia 2006-2007 JICA
F The Study on Domestic Shipping Development Plan in the Republic of the Philippines Philippines 2004-2005 JICA
F Study on the Development of Domestic Sea Transportation and Maritime Industry in the Republic of Indonesia: Assistance for Public Ship Finance Scheme and Advanced Maritime Education Program (STRAMINDO II) Indonesia 2004-2005 JICA
F Study on the Development of Domestic Sea Transportation and Maritime Industry in the Republic of Indonesia (STRAMINDO) Indonesia 2002-2004 JICA
F The Study on the Red River Inland Waterway Transport System in the Socialist Republic of Vietnam Vietnam 2001-2003 JICA
F ASEAN Maritime Transport Sector Development Study Brunei, Cambodia,
Indonesia, Lao PDR,
Malaysia, Philippines,
Singapore, Thailand,
2002 ASEAN Secretariat
H Basic Data Collection Study on Low-emission Public Transport System in the Lao PDRR Lao PDR 2012 (on-going) JICA
H The Study on Natural Disaster Management in Indonesia Indonesia 2007-2009 JICA
H Special Assistance on Development Policy and Project Phase 2: Study on Climate Change Impact on Asia’s Mega Cities (Metro Manila) Philippines 2008 JBIC
H Energy Efficiency Activities Using Idling Stop Equipments for Buses in Jinan, Shandong Province, People's Republic of China China 2009-2010 GEC
H Guidelines for Preliminary Estimations of Carbon Emissions Reductions in Urban Transport Projects China 2007 WB
H Integrated Urban Disaster Management Project in Jakarta Metropolitan Area Indonesia Indonesia 2006-2007 JICA
H Study on the Preparation of Methodologies for the Promotion of CDM/JI in the Transport Sector Thailand, Vietnam 2006-2007 Japan Transport Cooperation Association
H Development of an MRV Methodology for Urban Modal Shift Project in accordance with “Guidelines to Measure, Report and Verify GHG Emission Reductions in JBIC's “GREEN” Program ("J-MRV Guidelines") - 2011 JBIC
H The JICA Sector Study on Climate Change Program Loan [VPI] Thailand 2010 JICA
I Project on Gender Mainstreaming Phase 2 [VPI] Cambodia 2010 (on-going) JICA
I Capacity Development for Promoting Foreign Direct Investment [VPI] Mongolia 2010 (on-going) JICA
I Data Collection Survey on Priority Sectors and Developmental Issues [VPI] Indonesia 2010 JICA
G Study on Promotion of Japanese ITS Technology in Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand 2009-2010 MLIT

— as of December 2012