Corporate in Brief

We have been known by in over four decades of consultancy as:

Creative, resourceful, efficient. Our stable of multidisciplinary experts include trailblazers and some of the best in the industry.

Responsive, comprehensive, practical. Our work bears an indelible stamp of a holistic perspective, practical approach, and responsive solutions, traits that we have been known for in all the aggregates of our expertise, be it urban development planning and strategies, transportation planning and engineering, traffic safety, regional development, logistics, environmental strategies, or disaster mitigation, among others.

Reliable, respected. The hallmarks that have kept us in the cutting edge of urban and transportation planning since 1971.

Our People

At any given time ALMEC Corporation has a pool of 50 experts and professionals, comprising regional and urban planners, transportation planners, engineers, environmental specialists, system engineers, economists, financial experts, sociologists, etc. Aside from this pool its expertise is supplemented by a pool of associates composed of specialists, consultants, and academicians.

ALMEC Corporation also works extensively with local consultants to ensure that technology transfer, a key tenet of the organization’s philosophy, is perfectly achieved.

    Board of Directors:

    Managing Directors
     ▪ Dr. NAGAYAMA Katsuhide
     ▪ Mr. ISHIMOTO Jun
     ▪ Mr. SHOYAMA Takashi
     ▪ Mr. KUMAZAWA Ken
     ▪ Mr. ONUMA Yasuhide
     ▪ Mr. MATSUOKA Hiroshi

    Senior Consultants:

     ▪ Dr. IWATA Shizuo (Chairman)
     ▪ Mr. OZAWA Kunihiko
     ▪ Mr. WAKUI Tetsuo
     ▪ Mr. TAKAGI Michimasa
     ▪ Mr. YAJIMA Mitsuro
     ▪ Dr. MASUJIMA Tetsuji


     ▪ Transport Specialists and Planners
     ▪ Regional and Urban Planners
     ▪ Environmental Specialists
     ▪ Economist
     ▪ Financial Analysts
     ▪ Transport System Engineers

     ▪ Disaster Management Specialists
     ▪ Educators and Training Specialists
     ▪ Community Development Specialists
     ▪ Operation and Management Specialists
     ▪ Project Coordinator and Facilitator
     ▪ Designers

Company Structure:

company structure